Weaver is a great game for anyone who likes to exercise their brain, solve logic problems, and improve their skills. Fans of intellectual games have the opportunity to practice solving puzzles with letters and words and enrich their vocabulary. The game has a lot in common with the world-famous Wordle, but the developers have slightly changed the algorithm.

How to play

Solve words, build a vocabulary chain, and get a reward for each correct answer. There are two four-letter words on the board. The difficulty of the task can be changed. Guess each next one and gradually move on to the finish line.

The words are placed in cells. Each block has a new letter. Choose the next option and choose your answer.

The main task of the player is to change one letter in each subsequent variant to reach the final word. There are 6 steps to complete the task. Don't waste your attempts and make the most of your vocabulary. To do this, you should take into account not only the starting word, but also the last option.

Every day a new puzzle with new encrypted words awaits the player. Guess them and take top positions in the ranking.

Rules of the Weaver game

Open the app and read the rules of the game:

The chain of words should gradually lead the player to the second known word. The player has the opportunity to improve their knowledge and improve their vocabulary. Reading books will be most useful in this game, as it will improve your vocabulary and possible options will come to mind faster.

Play and build a chain as quickly as possible. Find each next option and go to the word at the finish line. Once the game is over, the player can track their results in the "Statistics" section: the number of games won, daily score, and the fastest and longest rounds.

The intellectual game will be an interesting entertainment for everyone who loves linguistic puzzles. Weaver will help to activate thinking, memory and expand vocabulary. Challenge your friends and organize real word competitions.

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