Weaver 5

Crosswords, puzzles, and other riddles perfectly activate cognitive activity, develop logic and thinking, and improve memory and other mental processes. Choose Weaver 5 to not only relax, but also to make the most of your time.

✅ How to play

The game has a lot in common with classic vocabulary games where you need to make words from letters and get points for each victory. Weaver 5 is a bit different and has some peculiarities.

The playing field consists of several rows of cells. The first and last lines are filled with letters. That is, at the beginning of the game, the participant has two words. The first word is the starting point of the game.

The player's task is to fill in all the following lines to move on to the final word. In each subsequent variant, it is allowed to change one letter. The participant has an unlimited number of moves to solve the puzzle. The chain of words should be assembled as quickly as possible to take the ranking positions.

The updated game differs from the previous version in the number of letters in the word. Now the words you need to make a chain of consist of five letters. Replace a letter and get a new version of the word. Choose only literary words, otherwise they will not be counted and you will have to start over.

Letters that are already in place in the final word are highlighted in green. This will help you navigate and choose the best option for the next word.

Rules of the Weaver 5 game

Even small children can play the game. It is important that the player has a sufficient vocabulary and can choose options to continue the chain of words. The rules are clear and straightforward:

  • get a new task every day;
  • familiarize yourself with the starting and ending word;
  • enter the next variant in the empty cells below the first word, changing only one letter;
  • match the words in such a way that you end up with the final word.

To enter letters, use the keyboard layout at the bottom of the words. Click on the letters and fill in each cell of the empty line.

The results of the games can be tracked in the corresponding section. The statistics show the total number of words guessed and the number of points earned for the current game. The table shows the fastest puzzle solution and the longest word search to get to the finish line. In the statistics section, there is a timer that shows the amount of time until the next puzzle.

The game is based on a puzzle invented by Lewis Carroll. Weaver 5 is one of the most popular games with words and letters. Create your own chain and train your thinking, logic and memory.

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