Intellectual online games are the perfect pastime for adults and kids alike. Relax, develop, and improve your skills and knowledge.

The top positions of popularity are occupied by well-known word puzzles. Put letters together, guess words, and enrich your vocabulary. If you're already familiar with standard games, take on the Tridle challenge. A triple challenge awaits you in the new game. Try to guess the encrypted words using the minimum number of attempts.

The game has three playing fields consisting of rows of empty cells. Each row has 5 tiles, and each field has 8 rows. The participant's task is to guess three words consisting of 5 letters. The participant has 8 attempts to guess. The game ends when all attempts are used.

✅ How to play

To win the game and guess all the words, pay attention to the color markings. You will win only if you solve all three words. After the first option is entered, the cells will be colored black, orange, and green. Each of them will become a hint for the player:

  • Black color indicates that such letters are not in the word;
  • Orange letters are present in the word, but are out of place;
  • Green cells confirm that the player not only guessed the letter, but also placed it in the correct position.

Follow the following algorithm to play:

  • enter any five-letter word, press 'Enter' and wait for the result;
  • the cells will be colored in different colors;
  • think about the result and choose the next word;
  • enter the words until you find all three guesses or until you run out of tries.

Note that words appear in all three fields simultaneously. Use the keyboard layout at the bottom of the box with the cells to type. The letters here are also colored and sometimes combine several colors. These colors tell the player that a letter has different positions in different words. The participant will know for sure that the letters in black should not be used.

When all attempts have been used and the words have not been guessed, the answers are displayed on the screen. Although you can choose the option to continue searching for the word, the victory will not be counted. Players can share their victories with their friends by sharing their achievements.

You can track your achievements in the statistics section. It shows the number of wins - when a player guessed three words using the allotted number of attempts. Information about the total number of rounds played is also stored.

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