Weaver Unlimited

If you love games - puzzles, crossword puzzles, and creating new words - find new word variants in Weaver Unlimited. An interesting intellectual game is the perfect way to relax, train your thinking and memory.

The player receives two words: the initial and the final. The player's task is to make a chain of words and go to the final one by replacing one letter. Play infinite times!

To enter words, use the keyboard layout on the screen. Click on the letters and the words will be placed in the cells. When the word is entered, press the Enter key. All word variants must be valid and available in the dictionary. If a word is made up, the system will not accept it.

To continue the Weaver Unlimited game, erase the letters and type the next option. Create a chain as quickly as possible and use the minimum number of options.

✅ How to play Weaver Unlimited

Follow a simple algorithm of actions:

  • Enter the next word in the line below, changing one letter;
  • If the option is accepted, select a new option to gradually move to the final word;
  • Keep matching words until you get a guess;
  • Check the statistics to track your progress.

Achievements are displayed in the statistics section. It shows the number of games played, the number of wins and losses. Additionally, the player can track the number of longest and shortest word chains. An unlimited number of tasks are available for the player, so you will be able to practice and improve your wit and logic.

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